Architectural Millwork

Atlantic Equipment: Your Premier Source For Architectural Millwork

Since 1985, Atlantic Equipment has been providing high quality architectural millwork to clients throughout the food service industry. Based in Danville, Pennsylvania, Atlantic specializes in custom millwork, architectural millwork design, custom architectural millwork, commercial millwork, and more. Boasting a team with over 300 years of combined experience, Atlantic offers customers a powerful combination of modern technology, valuable knowledge, and a passion for customer service.

Food Service Design and Custom Architectural Millwork

The team at Atlantic is armed with the cutting edge technology necessary to get your architectural millwork done right. We use the latest CAD applications and technology needed to design complex layouts and concepts for our customers in the commercial dining industry. Our equipment is used to produce floor plans, layouts, renderings, and the documentation that is essential to getting each job started on the best possible track. We understand the importance of consistency and quality—and our equipment allows us to consistently deliver great results.

Of course, all the technology in the world means nothing if it’s in the wrong hands. At Atlantic, the experience of our team is our greatest asset. Over the last 25 years, we’ve partnered with clients of all sizes throughout the food service industry—ranging from huge university cafeterias to tiny restaurants. This experience has given us a valuable understanding of the needs of each of our clients. We know what works and what does not—and we are often able to spot potential problems that may not have even occurred to others. While other architectural millwork companies may have ideas that sound good on paper, Atlantic has a proven track record of success. We understand the needs of our clients, and every aspect of our work is focused on getting the job done exactly right.

When you’re looking for architectural millwork, it’s important to choose a company with a reputation for excellence. At Atlantic, we’re proud to state that most of our new work is generated through referrals from satisfied customers. We choose not to spend our time and money creating advertising campaigns—instead, we devote 100% of our resources into doing the best possible job for each and every single client. Whether you’re in need of architectural millwork drafting, architectural millwork installation, or other services, the team at Atlantic won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with every aspect of our work.

At Atlantic, our employees are passionate about what they do. And we are passionate about meeting the needs of each of our customers. Our team consults with each client throughout every phase of every project—answering questions, sharing ideas, and addressing concerns. We believe that communication is a major key to our success, and we’re committed to working hand in hand with each customer. At Atlantic we don’t aim to meet your expectations—we aren’t happy until we have exceeded them.

Atlantic is the premier provider of architectural millwork throughout the USA. Our knowledge, breadth of experience, modern equipment, and passion for customer service put us in a league of our own. With Atlantic, you can rest assured that the job will be done right—each and every time.