Specialty Services

In addition to our planning, implementation, and equipment procurement services, Atlantic Equipment is proud to offer a variety of specialty services to accommodate the unique needs of each of our clients. From custom steelwork and millwork to on-site modifications, Atlantic has the capability to address your food service equipment needs.

With over 25 years serving clients in the food service industry, the team at Atlantic has dealt with a wide variety of obstacles and challenges for our clients. We’ve worked with facilities ranging from small restaurants to university cafeterias and have never met a challenge we couldn’t solve. Whether you need restaurant equipment, custom work, architectural millwork, or other services, the team at Atlantic will get the job done.

Atlantic Equipment is proud to employ our own CAD and Design Department, Field Installation Teams, Parts & Service Department, On-Site Custom Millwork and NSF-Approved Fabrication Shops. As a result, we are able to offer high quality specialty services at rates our competition simply cannot match. And because all of our work is done by us, rather than being outsourced, we are able to ensure that each phase of the work is being done correctly and according to specifications. Our team communicates closely with each client throughout every stage of the process to ensure that all needs are fully met.

Most importantly, at Atlantic Equipment, we truly understand your needs. This understanding is a result of our 25 years in the food service industry. During that time we have worked with a variety of clients and have learned to view situations as our clients view them. That understanding is invaluable, and it allows us to confidently state that whatever your needs may be, our specialty services department will come up with the ideal solution for you.

Whether your specialty service requirements are simple or complex, the team at Atlantic is ready to meet your needs. Our experienced team will work with you each step of the way, and our state of the art equipment ensures that each and every job will be done well. So whether you need custom installations, on-site modifications, custom steelwork or millwork, Atlantic Equipment will not only satisfy your expectations—we’ll exceed them.