When you had asked me if I would like to respond with a few notes about your company for potential updates in your marketing, it was like a light went off. As you know, we have completed many projects together over the past several years and I have been lax in reflecting my true appreciation for the work completed by your organization.

From the very first introduction, I have been impressed by your efforts and those of your entire staff to assure that any project is well developed, meets the specific needs of the project, meets the budget, and is completed on time. In fact, it would be incorrect if I did not take a moment and reflect that you are always listening to the customer, our clients, and our management teams. This listening translates into your entire organization always bringing new ideas, suggestions, new equipment from the market to address issues – keeping trends alive, and most of all, finish packages which blend so well together that each and every location is unique and beautiful. The “Oasis” is alive upon completion each time.

Having had the wonderful opportunity to visit your facility, tour, and meet those folks in the shop who make it all happen, has been very helpful in my understanding of what your organization actually does to make it all happen. This was a real treat. Most important, I was able to see first hand how your organization functions from the initial contact, to planning and the draft table, to the different shop functions, design and finish room, complete to the service desk which coordinates the project. Also, the field crews could not be more helpful in coordinating the install and making it all happen to be a successful project. Their work is simply “outstanding” You know, the wording in your name “Specialists” is well earned by your entire staff and for that you should be very proud.

I have enjoyed meeting each of your team members and clearly look forward to the next project. I have always been extremely proud of the renovation projects completed. They certainly have helped me be successful and most of all, our customers are always pleased with the program up-grades.

Ken Arnold, District Manager, Sodexo Healthcare

As a high-volume producer of congregate and unitized meals, our equipment needs are demanding.  Atlantic Equipment provides intelligent, cost-effective solutions for our operation where time is of the essence.

Paul Ozner, Controller, Nutrition Inc.

I have been working with Atlantic Equipment for almost ten years for various renovation projects. The Atlantic Equipment team is always very professional and easy to work with in designing a project. I have always been very satisfied with their high quality work which they are able to deliver at very competitive prices.

Amy Buratti, Sodexo District Manager, Sodexo Campus Services

It has been a pleasure to work with Atlantic Equipment Specialists Inc. over the last 9 years.  They are always very professional and quick to respond whether I call or email them.  One time I recall them going out of their way and faxing me schematics on our old Hobart dishmachine so that we could try to troubleshoot problems on the 50+ year old machine.  They also obtained a carriage and spray arm for that old dishmachine so that we could keep it running as long as possible.  We have had service provided for our ovens, steamers, kettles, mixers, slicers, and dishmachines.  They also helped our District out by fabricating the housing unit for a used exhaust fan so that it would work where we needed it.  We, the Kitchen staff and our Maintenance Department, are very happy with the responsiveness, quality of work and professionalism that we receive from Atlantic.  We look forward to working with Atlantic Equipment Specialists Inc. for many years to come.

Renee I. Frederick, RD LDN Food Service Supervisor, Warrior Run School District

I have used Atlantic Equipment Specialists for over 20 years and I have always found them to be responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. They stand behind their products and service and go out of their way to make sure everything is done right the first time, and if not they don’t stop until it is.

Bruce Thomas, MBA Associate Vice-President, Guest Services Geisinger Health System

Atlantic is great to work with.  They know the parts to order and get them to us promptly.  It is great to see them in the field as well as for installs, that create great comfort levels of service and commitment.  We have been in business for 35 years and half of that has been working with Atlantic Equipment. They all know what they are doing and do it well, from parts and equipment to layouts and service.

Bob Hamm Jr.

I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your team at Atlantic Equipment. Your professionalism, experience, and on time scheduling was exactly what we were looking for here at BBraun.

Kevin Groller, Facilities Group Leader, B. Braun Medical

I have worked with Atlantic Equipment Specialists for over three years and the quality of work, project management skills and flexibility makes them the company of choice for me. The projects I have worked on with Atlantic Equipment Specialists have always exceeded my expectations. They have great flexibility prior, during and post project. The most recent project was a complete renovation at Northwood University in which we had an extremely aggressive timeline with multiple changes throughout the project. All the timelines were met, the facility is beautiful and now this gives Northwood University a competitive recruiting advantage with a state of the art dining facility.

Greg Lepore, District Manager, Sodexo Campus Services

Since my assuming responsibility for food service, Atlantic Equipment Specialists, has provided needed assistance in scheduling services and  expertise in acquiring parts required for Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Dietary Facilities located in Danville, and Hickory Run State Park. These facilities frequently need services at the most inopportune times; I have made the calls for service, and they have accommodated me in the most timely manner possible. They have also graciously recommended other experts if a repair or service is out of the realm of their company, and have provided honest evaluations when the choice had to be made to repair or replace equipment. By partnering with Atlantic Equipment Specialists, I am able to assure uninterrupted dietary service to the facilities I support. I highly recommend and continue to make the first call for service in these areas to Atlantic Equipment Specialists.

Richard Foster

Atlantic Equipment delivers both the aesthetic opportunities and functional application for our dining facilities, often within restrictive budgets and aggressive timeframes.  They listen and take into consideration the multiple needs and wants of all parties before providing a creative design that packs the “Wow” factor.  From big budget projects to small renovations Atlantic Equipment supplies the same amount of care and dedication to making our vision a reality.

Dana Babel, District Manager, Sodexo