When you had asked me if I would like to respond with a few notes about your company for potential updates in your marketing, it was like a light went off. As you know, we have completed many projects together over the past several years and I have been lax in reflecting my true appreciation for the work completed by your organization.

From the very first introduction, I have been impressed by your efforts and those of your entire staff to assure that any project is well developed, meets the specific needs of the project, meets the budget, and is completed on time. In fact, it would be incorrect if I did not take a moment and reflect that you are always listening to the customer, our clients, and our management teams. This listening translates into your entire organization always bringing new ideas, suggestions, new equipment from the market to address issues – keeping trends alive, and most of all, finish packages which blend so well together that each and every location is unique and beautiful. The “Oasis” is alive upon completion each time.

Having had the wonderful opportunity to visit your facility, tour, and meet those folks in the shop who make it all happen, has been very helpful in my understanding of what your organization actually does to make it all happen. This was a real treat. Most important, I was able to see first hand how your organization functions from the initial contact, to planning and the draft table, to the different shop functions, design and finish room, complete to the service desk which coordinates the project. Also, the field crews could not be more helpful in coordinating the install and making it all happen to be a successful project. Their work is simply “outstanding” You know, the wording in your name “Specialists” is well earned by your entire staff and for that you should be very proud.

I have enjoyed meeting each of your team members and clearly look forward to the next project. I have always been extremely proud of the renovation projects completed. They certainly have helped me be successful and most of all, our customers are always pleased with the program up-grades.

Ken Arnold, District Manager, Sodexo Healthcare